O světě, který tu je i není - o věcech výjimečných i banálních, podivuhodných i trapných, temných i oslnivých, tristních i směšných, paradoxních i logických, stejně tak však i o věcech temně zářících, tragikomických, podivuhodně banálních, výjimečně trapných či zcela logicky paradoxních. A o sobě, který tu je i není stejně tak.

neděle 7. dubna 2024

Vladimír Hirsch / Katagenesis (review by Side-Line magazine)

Czech artist Vladimir Hirsch has been involved with numerous projects and can be easily considered as one of the most prominent Industrial/Experimental artists from Czechia. He released an impressive number of works during the past twenty years and now joined hands together with Zoharum to unleash new work.

The album has been conceived as a classical opus and that’s not a coincidence. Classical music definitely appears to be an important source of inspiration, but also an experiment to mix it with Industrial sound treatments and pure Experimental field recordings. Heavy and bombastic, sometimes into epic arrangements, but still revealing a few subtle elements, this work brings Neo-Classic and Industrial music together. 

I don’t know of many artists like Vladimir Hirsch. He brings different styles together and doesn’t hesitate to build up a bridge between Classical- and Industrial music. This is an imaginary Soundtrack or music for Experimental dance performances. The sound of Hirsch reminds me of Stravinsky for its complexity with Industrial sound treatments on top. This is pure drama and sonic extravaganza!

The originality of the work appears to be equal to its unique, Experimental format. This music isn’t always easily accessible and especially some of the longest cuts are hard to endure. 

This is a superb album for a very restricted number of music lovers…

Side Line magazine, 2021

Vladimir Hirsch – Katagenesis (Album – Zoharum) (side-line.com)

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