O světě, který tu je i není - o věcech výjimečných i banálních, podivuhodných i trapných, temných i oslnivých, tristních i směšných, paradoxních i logických, stejně tak však i o věcech temně zářících, tragikomických, podivuhodně banálních, výjimečně trapných či zcela logicky paradoxních. A o sobě, který tu je i není stejně tak.

úterý 4. února 2020

"Final Solution"

On 27th May 1942, Jan Kubiš from paratrooper group Anthropoid threw a bomb on the car carrying Reinhard Heydrich, The Reich´s protector, general of police and the third-highest man within Germany's "Third Reich", resulting in the death of "the "hangman of Czech nation" or "the butcher of Prague".

Heydrich arrived in the "Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia" on behalf of Adolf Hitler in the autumn of 1941 with the primary aim to break the resistance of the Czech people. At a meeting of Nazi officials a few days earlier later, he said: "Czech territory must never be left in such a state that would allow the Czechs to say that it is their space .... the final solution is to Germanize them or directly kill them at the wall." It was called by him “final solution”. Heydrich left a bloody footprint in Czechia and its history: in just four months of martial law which was ordered by Heydrich, hundreds of Czechs were executed and thousands killed in concentration camps. Heydrich attempted to decimate the resistance, but as was soon shown, not quite.....

The assassination of Heydrich was one of the most significant moments in the history of the resistance in Czechoslovakia and is considered to be the strongest act of defiance throughout occupied Europe. The act had such a big impact in the world, that it resulted in the immediate dissolution of the Munich agreement (in Czechia called the "Munich dictate") from 1938 assigned by Great Britain and France, but also by Germany's ally Italy. The Munich Pact could have annexed a third of Czechoslovak land. As accurately Czech philosopher Václav Černý˝ wrote: "Heydrich came to kill Czech nation and the Czech nation killed him for that". The act was not (as is usually called) "assassination", but regular execution of a criminal, inhuman creature.

All those heroes died in unequal struggle against 800 Germans. Fighting in the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius took place on 18 June 1942 between members of the SS and the Gestapo and seven Czechoslovak paratroopers. Among them were Jozef Gabčík, and Jan Kubiš, who assassinated Heydrich. The fight was divided into two parts. First, it was the defense of the empire and the bark of the church by three paratroopers, which lasted about 2 hours, and the second German conquest of the crypt defended by four paratroopers. The entire fight lasted seven hours and cost the lives of all skydivers versus 800 German soldiers - six committed suicide, one died from injuries suffered.

From great film by J.Sequens "Atentát"
Jan Kubiš
A memorial plague on St.Constantin and Methodius Orthodox church with holes of bullets, Resslova street, Prague, Czechia, where all 7 members of paratroop group died in the unequal fight against 700 Germans.
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