O světě, který tu je i není - o věcech výjimečných i banálních, podivuhodných i trapných, temných i oslnivých, tristních i směšných, paradoxních i logických, stejně tak však i o věcech temně zářících, tragikomických, podivuhodně banálních,
výjimečně trapných či zcela logicky paradoxních. A o sobě, který tu je i není stejně tak.

čtvrtek 22. června 2017

Vladimír Hirsch - Scripta Soli

Vladimír Hirsch - Scripta Soli

SCRIPTA SOLI (can be translated as "Writings of the earth/ground") is a thematic album, based on a fictive experience during apocalyptic war catastrophe, perceived from the position of a person imprisoned in the bunker. In epic form, it consists in descriptions of his feelings, memories, fears, visions and expectation of inevitable in echoes of devastating actions on the surface, as though, all sonically interpretated by the ground. Musical idea and rendition of this figurative opus is carried out by the work with field recordings, electroacoustic and digital techniques through metamorphic musicalization of primarily non-musical elements, typical for the musician, in case of this album as an essential manner, thus, "musique concrète intergrée" as basic idea of the epic work.

1. Indictum
2. Omen
3. Impressiones
4. Exanima
5. Camera delusionis
6. Erebeum
7. Centuria
8. Fuga / Acquiesce
9. Dacryon
10. Amorphes
11. Guttae ultimae
12. Consummatum

2017 Old Captain - CD, digipak, 60 minutes

Downlod: Scripta Soli
Review: This Is Darkness - review by Michael Barnett

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