O světě, který tu je i není - o věcech výjimečných i banálních, podivuhodných i trapných, temných i oslnivých, tristních i směšných, paradoxních i logických, stejně tak však i

o věcech temně zářících, tragikomických, podivuhodně banálních,
výjimečně trapných či zcela logicky paradoxních. A o sobě, který tu je i není stejně tak.

úterý 28. ledna 2020

Vladimír Hirsch - Do Not Let Us Perish (St.Wenceslas)

Variations on Old Czech chorale „Svatý Václave“, op. 96. "St.Wenceslas chorale" originated probably in the end of 10th century or in the beginning of the 11th century. It is a church hymn, which is sung regularly also today. The authorship of the original song is sometimes attributed to another Czech saint Vojtěch (St.Adalbert of Prague), the bishop of Prague, missionaire and martyr.

Vladimír Hirsch' s variations "Do Not Let Us Perish" is a composition for integrated techniques, created in 2015 for the thematic album “Communion Of Saints” by various artists, published by Brave Mysteries Records, USA, in 2017.

Saint Wenceslas (or Wenceslaus; Václav in Czech), Prince Wenceslaus I (907-935), Duke of Bohemia from 921 until his death in a plot by his own brother, Boleslav the Cruel. His martyrdom, and the popularity of several biographies, quickly gave rise to a reputation for heroic goodness, resulting in his being elevated to sainthood, posthumously declared king, and seen as the main patron saint of Czechia.