O světě, který tu je i není - o věcech výjimečných i banálních, podivuhodných i trapných, temných i oslnivých, tristních i směšných, paradoxních i logických, stejně tak však i o věcech temně zářících, tragikomických, podivuhodně banálních,
výjimečně trapných či zcela logicky paradoxních. A o sobě, který tu je i není stejně tak.

středa 14. ledna 2015

Vladimír Hirsch - Axonal Transit

The album “Axonal Transit” by Vladimír Hirsch embraces two works: A four-part composition with the same name, op.92, created in 2012 (tracks 1-4), considered and occasionally subtitled as "Symphony no.5", and an extensive epic track “Craving Urania”, op.95, from 2014 (track no.5), for electronics, strings, brasses and percussions manipulated by integrated techniques. Musicians: Vladimír Hirsch – electronics, keyboards, synthesizers, mix, integrated sound manipulation techniques; participation of Czech Integrated Ensemble - strings, brasses, percussions. 

Both of compostions are experimental works, based on similar compositional and technological processes, consisting in temporal and spatial variations blending of musical themes with an important role of ambient structures in the position of anchoring, however billowing matrix. There are used methods of antithetical, parametric or aleatoric articulation of sub-themes, which are more expressed in the title project. This is why both compositions form naturally an organic whole, notwithstanding the fact they remain thematically different. Released: December 30, 2014

Jan Blanický & Martha Camarillo

Album order

Lux Atenea (in Spanish)
Lurkers Realm (in Portuguese)

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